Highlights of 2016 

As 2016 has come to an end, I’ve taken the time to reflect on all the memories that 2016 has given me. Many people have been referring to 2016 as “the worst year ever”, but for me, it was a pretty damn good year. Surrounded by family and friends and making new memories, I couldn’t imagine any better way to spend my year. This year has been a roller coaster of new adventures, and more to come. Although this year has contained so much that I would love to share with all of you, I managed to pick the top 8 highlights of my year…

1. Traveling

I’ve always been fortunate enough to travel throughout the years, but this year I had the amazing experience of traveling for the first time forever alone. (And by alone I just mean not with my family). It was something I’ve never done before, but it was such an incredible experience to be able to have that independence and see the world on my own.

2. Discovering My Safe Haven: Greece

Between all the places I’ve traveled to in my 17 years, no place has ever captured my heart like Greece did. The peace and serenity being on the Greek islands brought me is a feeling of a thousand words. Everything about Greece became my safe haven; the sun, the sand, the ocean, the smell, the people…it is a place of pure peace.

3. Big Sister’s 18th!! 

“Wouldn’t your sisters 18th be her highlight of the year, not yours?” I feel like is a question some of you may be asking. That is a very good question, but the answer is yes and no. Yes, it would be a huge highlight of her year, but it was also one of my top highlights because my sister is my best friend, my soul mate. The connection we have is so close that her becoming an adult was a huge milestone for me as well. I’m so proud of how far she’s come in her 18 years, and I was just so happy to be able to celebrate it with her.

4. (Not My) Graduation

Who’s graduation?? My sister’s of course. Just like her becoming an adult, her graduation was something I couldn’t be more proud of. It was a highlight. She graduated with honours and the many choices of Universities that accepted her. As far as she’s come, she still has so far to come and I cannot wait to be by her side throughout it all.

5. IMTA Convention: New York 

I had the amazing opportunity of attending International Model & Talent Association in New York in July, and it was more that I could’ve ever asked for. Being able to act in front of hundreds of casting agents and directors was a dream come true. Not only did I discover my agency through this convention, but I had the pleasure of meeting so many amazing people as well as winning so many awards; something I will be forever grateful for.

6. Family Roadtrips 

I believe making time for family is a crucial part of life, especially while still young and living at home. Once you move out, life becomes busy and you may forget to make that time for family. Family roadtrips is one way I love to bond and spend time with my family. Driving through the mountains, seeking out new places we’ve never been before, it’s all an adventure I’m glad to be able to spend with them.

7. Lake Life 

My cabin has been apart of my life ever since the day I was born. With so much family being at our lake, my sisters and I grew up there. Every summer we would spend it at our lake, making new memories and remembering the old ones. It’s something I wouldn’t trade for the world.
8. My Pregnancy 

As unexpected as this was, it was certainly a highlight of my year. Although I only found out about my pregnancy 5 weeks ago, it has completely changed my outlook on life and the way I’m living it. My pregnancy is a blessing, wanted at this time or not. And I am so thankful for this blessing that 2016 has given me.

Each highlight is a blessing to me, and even though there are so many more I wish I could’ve shared, I hope my highlights have made some of you reflect on your 2016 year, and found the blessings in yours. If any of you have had amazing memories and blessings throughout the year, please comment them below, I would love to hear them! 

I hope 2017 brings each and every one of you love, happiness, health, and new adventures.

Happy New Year Everyone! 


Last Christmas 

Christmas holds a special place in my heart. It’s that one time of year where you get to see the family and the friends that you don’t get to often, the stores and streets are filled with joy and laughter as people begin to get in the holiday spirit, and everyone just seems happier. I’ve always been mesmerized by the lights and the decorations that not only bring a sparkle into our homes, but a sparkle into our lives.

Growing up I would always imagine what my life would be like during Christmas when I had a family of my own. I would dream of sitting around the tree Christmas morning while my kids opened their stockings and presents, while drinking hot coco and just thinking how lucky I am to have those little monkeys in my life.

Now that dream is about to be a reality. 

This was my Last Christmas as just a normal teenager. Next Christmas, I’ll be a mom. A mom…now that’s a new name to get used to! As weird as it is for me to think of being a mom at 17, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Yes, my dream is turning into a reality a little sooner than I expected, but that’s okay. Everything happens for a reason, and I believe that the reasoning behind this is truly wonderful. I absolutely cannot wait for next Christmas when I’ll be able to witness the magical moment of Christmas through my childs eyes for the first time. I can only hope that my child will be as mesmerized by everything this holiday has to offer as I am.

I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Christmas and their holidays were filled with love, laughter, and happiness.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Holiday Presents For The Pregnant


As the holidays roll around the corner, being pregnant has not only changed the fact that I will NOT be drinking on Christmas, but it has also changed up my Christmas list. Normally, I wouldn’t change my Christmas list just because I’m pregnant, but as each week passes, the things I had on my list start to seem less appealing. The cute clothes I had listed will no longer work unless I up my size by 5 (which I do not want to do yet. I still like to believe I’m a petite little girl who’s belly will not blow up to the size of a balloon). Jewelery is scratched off because I’m a sucker for rings. And as any pregnant girl knows, your fingers get fat during pregnancy; therefore, making it very hard to wear cute rings. As sad as I was to cross these things off the list, I started to think of all the things that I could ask for — things that would make being pregnant a lot better.

So for any of you family or friends out there struggling on what to get that pregnant girl you know, here’s a list of a few ideas that may help you out!

  • Fuzzy socks/slippers: When we were children, getting socks for Christmas might as well have been equivenlent to getting coal. “Like, are you kidding me mom and dad? This is not the look-a-like American Girl doll I asked for.” However, when you’re pregnant, getting fuzzy socks and slippers is like a blessing sent down from heaven. Our feet get fatter, and they get sore from standing and walking faster than you can even say pregnancy. You can’t go wrong with this present people! Fuzzy Socks & Slippers
  • Oversized t-shirts/sweaters: Getting cute clothes for Christmas while being pregnant is not as thrilling as it may seem…we’re 100x bigger than we normally are, so after the baby is born, those cute clothes won’t be any use to us anymore. Although oversized t-shirts and sweaters (taking a more comfortable route rather than cute), is never a bad idea. When you’re pregnant, there’s no such thing as “too big” anymore, so shop away! Anything to keep us comfortable and cozy. Oversized t-shirts/sweaters
  • Nova Foam Pillows: Although it may not seem like it, us pregnant girls work hard everyday. We are growing a human inside of us, which takes the energy out of us a million times faster than other people. By the end of the day (or sometimes even by the middle of the day), we are so exhausted that all we want to do is fall into bed and have our heads hit the pillow. But no one likes a rock hard pillow. Having a Nova Foampillow allows your head is sink into it as you sleep, making it feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. That’s the kind of comfort and support we truly need at the end of the day fellows. Nova Foam Pillows
  • Giant Life Sized Teddy Bears: If you have the privilege of sleeping with your loved one every night and getting those lovely cuddles and back scratches that we all long to have, good for you. I don’t get that kind of luxury. When I crawl into bed, there’s no one there to scratch my back and cuddle me to sleep. I thought, “Just because I don’t have a man in my life doesn’t mean I don’t at least deserve some cuddles.” So I thought of the perfect solution. A giant life sized teddy bear. Yep, you heard right. It’s no human, but those things can still sure as hell cuddle you…and even better than a man can. Yes, men one up the teddy bears with the back scratches, but with the teddy bears, you can curl up into them and sleep peacfully all night. They don’t move, or snore, or complain their arm is hurting, and best of all, they don’t hog the covers. They are the next best thing to a human, and I guarantee this would be the most appriciated gift of all. Giant Life Sized Teddy Bears
  • Pregnancy Belly Button Rings: This may only apply to some, but if you have your belly button pierced and you’re pregnant, you know you’re gonna have to take it out sooner or later. And we all dread for that day to come. It hurt like hell to get this piercing and now we have to take it out so our belly’s can get fat?  That’s so unfair. I did not sign up for that. As mad as I first was to find out my precious belly ring would have to go, I was determinded to find a solution. And guess what? Pregnancy belly button rings exist!! These rings are flexible and stretch as your stomach grows, allowing your belly to blow up and still look bedazzled! Pregnancy Belly Button Rings
  • Cameras/Video Cameras: Pregnancy is a beautiful jounrey, and that journey never ends after the baby is born. Is it a life-changing experience, and what better way to remember all your new experiences than with pictures and videos? Cameras/Video Cameras are never the wrong gift in this case. We want to be able to capture our moments of growing a human inside of us, and also capture the milestones that will follow as our child grows. Pictures and videos to look back on always bring a smile to the face. Cameras/Video Cameras
  • Harmony Balls: Many of you may not know what these are. You probably read that and thought “What the hell is a harmony ball?” I did the same thing when I first found out about these. But then I did a little research, and found out how wonderful these are. Harmony Balls are little balls attached to a chain (so a necklace), but inside the ball contains a small chime. The necklace hangs down to your belly, so as you move throughout the day, the bell inside chimes, sending soothing sound signals to your baby’s ears in your belly. This way, you are able to complete your outfit with a cute necklace, and soothe your baby all day long. Harmony Balls

I hope some of these ideas helped with those of you struggling during your holiday shopping, because coming from a pregnant girl…they truly are great gift ideas!

I Think His Mouth Is Still Hanging Open


Unless you’re from the 1800’s where pregnancy is a natural thing between the ages of 15-18, I have never met any teenager who planned to have a kid this young. In the 21st century, this is something that just happens unexpectedly, and you have to deal with it; however that may be. In most situations, abortion is the go-to option. The girl can’t raise a kid on her own while still in high school, and most of the time, the guy doesn’t want anything to do with a baby, because it would turn his life upside down in “the worst possible way” for him. Now I’m not saying this is the case in every teenage pregnancy, some girls  may have the perfect guy that will be there for her and the baby threw thick and thin.

This isn’t the case in my situation. As you all know by now, I slept with my ex, which means he’s off living his own life and of course wouldn’t want it any other way. So as far he was concerned until I talked to him, his life was going great.

Then, I might as well have slapped him in the face with a baby book.

Working up the courage to tell a guy you’re pregnant (when he’s not your husband & the love of your life), is hard work. Especially for a teenager. You try to plan out the whole situation in your head like you already know what he’ll say and everything that will happen. You want “the talk” to go perfectly. Well you’re wrong. However you think it will end up going, it won’t. Everything will happen completely opposite to what you planned in your head. I myself, had a plan in my head. I was going to talk to my ex in private, show him the ultrasounds, stand there while he got mad and would yell at the universe “why? are you sure? how is this possible??”, and then calmly tell him his options in this situation.

That didn’t happen.

He guessed it. OVER TEXT. I know right? Worst possible way for this type of news to come out, jesus. He could tell something was off that day in class and I refused to tell him because I thought I would try and be mature and have this talk face to face. Well that didn’t happen. He ended up guessing shit and staring at my face until he could tell he guessed right. So I ended up having this huge “I’m pregnant” talk, in my school parking lot…how wonderful. Only having found out a few days prior to me breaking the news to him, I was already 17 weeks along. So not to my surprise, he was shocked. There’s no other words for it, except shocked. He didn’t yell and get mad (like I assumed he would…but we also all know by now that my assumptions are never right), he just stared at me like I was a ghost with a dancing monkey on my head. He just stood there with his mouth hanging open. Until he finally formed words (which were not English by the way). To this day, I still don’t really know what he said/mumbled. He had no idea how to respond to what I had just told him.

So I decided to do all the talking. Given the bad timing and age, and the awkward fact that he was my ex, I told him I was keeping the baby and he could be as involved as he wanted to be. Again, not to my surprise, he immediately said he didn’t want to be involved whatsoever. Some may think this is cowardly of him to say, but I understood it as I was giving him the option. He got accepted to a great University close to his home and his family, and had a plan for his life and job and travelling. I had my own plan that involved moving to a different province, and going to University there. We both had our paths planned out. I’m still making my dream and life happen with a baby; the baby is not stopping me from moving and going to University, it will just require a little more patience and help than I anticipated. But I’m okay with that. So I want the same for him. I truly do want my ex to be happy and pursue his dreams, and if later he decides he wants to be involved, I will let him. In that case though he’s either fully in or fully out. He only gets one leeway girls, we can’t be too nice. But for the meantime, I’m happily giving him the choice because it is such shocking news that really does change everything. It’s a huge responsibility, but it’s something I know I can do, with or without a man by my side.

For any of you girls in the same situation as me, at least with the part of the guy not wanting to be involved, I want you all to know that you can do this. We are smart, mature, and independent and we don’t need a man by our side to help us accomplish what seems like the impossible curveballs life throws at us. All we have to do is have confidence in ourselves and know that we will get through this and come out the other end stronger than ever. There is nothing in this world that is stopping us from being amazing mothers, so control your fears, build your self-esteem, radiate positivity, and the world will be yours. 

(P.S- Kevin Hart is not the father of my child for any of those wondering.)

One Night Stand

One night stands. Those three cringe worthy words are what most girls hate to be associated with. No one wants to admit that they were just a “one night stand”. We want to be loved, cared for and wanted…for more than one night. That is, in the case where we’re not sleeping with our ex. Sleeping with your ex is a whole different take on what a “one night stand” means. It usually has an end result of taking the walk of shame home the next day, pondering over the thought of why you would do such a thing, and vowing to yourself that it was a one time thing and it will never happen again. After all, he is your ex, and it was just a ONE time thing. After that night, you’ll never have to see that guy again! Phew!

But then something changes that…

The missed period. (Again, three cringe worthy words.)

I think all of us girls can agree that a missed period after sleeping with an ex is the worst thing that could ever happen to us, right? Wrong. Having your doctor tell you you’re pregnant is the worst. At first, we weren’t gonna freak out about this whole “missed period thing”, we were just going to hope and pray for the best. But apparently god isn’t into answering prayers lately, because as much as I shouted, that damn test still turned up positive.

So now I’m stuck in a rut. I slept with my ex, I took the walk of shame, I vowed to never do it again, and now I’m tied to this guy forever through a kid? You have got to be kidding me. Yes, I’m aware that sleeping with an ex is not the smartest move that I could’ve made, but now I’m being punished by being tied to his ass for the rest of my life? There’s a reason he’s my ex! Hello! Clearly god wasn’t thinking straight when he was writing my damn life story. But then again…neither was I when I slept with my ex, so I guess I can’t really blame him. Shit.

Sleep & Starbucks

Being a busy high school student, I tend to slack off on important tasks that need to be done daily…like my birth control pills. Whether I didn’t have them on me at the time of day I was supposed to take them, or I didn’t have a drink to down them with, or I just told myself “I’ll take it in 10 mins”, I always seemed to miss taking them some days. Now anyone taking birth control pills knows how bad this is to do!! You’re all probably shaking your heads at me right now, which I am currently doing to myself as well.

Perhaps if I was actually persistent with my pills and didn’t push them away, I wouldn’t be pushing a baby out of me soon?

Either way, I sucked at it, and now I’m the one paying for it. I didn’t have many signs that indicated that I was pregnant, but sex and a missed period is a pretty big sign. A sign I ignored that is. (Don’t ever ignore signs people, it will come back and bite you in the ass). I just assumed that the stress from school and not taking my pills everyday was screwing up my cycle. I avoided taking a pregnancy test because I told myself I couldn’t be pregnant. Boy was I wrong. When my annual doctors appointment finally came around, I got the lovely news that I was carrying a child in me. And I had been for the past 17 weeks.


“How on earth could you not realize you were pregnant within those 17 weeks??”, some of you may being telepathically asking me right now. Well, I’ll tell you how.

No morning sickness, and denial my friends.

Although, the more I thought about it, the more everything started to make sense. The laziness and wanting to sleep all the time, the constant cravings (especially Starbucks; which I had almost everyday), the mood swings, the excruciating and unbearable leg cramps in the middle of the night, and of course having to pee…ALL THE TIME!! Again, with my (bad) assumptions, I just assumed that I wanted to sleep all the time cause that’s all any teenager ever wants to do, the cravings were due to the stress of school (stress eating is a real thing people!), the mood swings were because people don’t know how to not piss me off apparently, and those god awful leg cramps? I thought after three years of not growing an inch, I had growing pains and it was finally my time to be tall! Again…I was very wrong. I will never be tall and I just have to accept that. And the peeing, I thought having to pee all the time was because I drink A LOT of water.

Now I believe we can all learn a very valuable lesson from me right now; Don’t assume shit. Because you are wrong. And you will end up paying for it. 

The Moment It All Became Real

When does the fact that I’m carrying a child become real? 

Countless times I’ve heard this from people who have just found out they’re pregnant, and now I was the one asking this question. Yes, you can receive the news that you are pregnant from your doctor, but that doesn’t suddenly just change everything and you’re like “Oh my god! I have a child in me! I can already feel it kicking!” No no. That is not how things work in situations like this. For most, after receiving the news, there are tears, and a lot of them. Whether they are tears of joy or tears of “are you fucking kidding me? my life is over”, crying is pretty much a guaranteed fact of something that will happen. But crying doesn’t make it real either people. It won’t make you suddenly feel the baby in your stomach, and it won’t make it magically disappear if this is something you didn’t want.

The moment it all becomes real is the ultrasound. The moment that you’re laying in a hospital gown on a small bed with a weird lady pouring warm gel (the movie’s lied people, the gel is warm not cold), on your belly, is the moment that everything starts to become real. Looking up at the TV hanging above the bed as the ultrasound starts to show up on the screen you start to think…”what the fuck am I supposed to be looking at?? Is that little blob supposed to be my baby? Excuse me ma’am, I think my baby is missing it’s left leg and it’s whole body. All I see is a circle that you call a head!” 

Patience is required while getting an ultrasound. While you lay there and watch the TV screen as different parts of the body appear, you begin to realize that this is real. These body parts of another human being are inside of you and will continue to grow. Then suddenly it appears. The head, the body, the feet, you can suddenly see it all and all your thoughts of “when will this become real?” have now been answered. This is the moment it becomes real for you.

Even though you can’t physically see and hold your baby, seeing it through an ultrasound gives you the clarity and the reality of this situation, something that every soon to be mom needs. It is proof that you are growing a miracle inside of you and now, your body is not only your body. Everything you do to your body, you are doing to your baby’s body. Whether it is the way you are working out or the food that you are eating, everything you now do affects your baby. (I mean, the eating part isn’t so bad though, because now you get to eat more food and not feel bad about yourself for it).

Pregnancy is a crazy and scary, but wonderful journey, and even though I didn’t plan to have a baby this young, it is now my life. It becomes more and more real everyday and it’s happening. Everyday I can only move forward and hope for the best. I advise anyone who is pregnant and didn’t plan for it, to do the same. Only move forward and hope for the best, because that’s all you can do. Stay positive and know that everything happens for a reason. You may not know your reason and why this is happening to you know when you didn’t want it or you had a different plan, but life is crazy and in the end, everything will work out to how it was meant to be. So don’t stress, just breathe, and take it day by day.

You are creating a miracle. You are special. You can do this.