Wellness Week: Motivation Monday!

Happy Monday y’all!

Welcome to week one, day one of my wellness week💕 For quite some time now I just haven’t been feeling myself. I don’t make self care time for myself. I don’t workout, I don’t eat healthy, and I don’t pamper myself (even if it is just in the comfort of my own home). After I realized this, it was then when I decided to create a Wellness Week once a month on my blog so I can make sure I make the time for self care, and hopefully inspire others to do the same as well!

I know we all have busy lives that never seem to get away from us, but for one week, once a month, I invite you all to join me on focusing on yourselves for once!

So here we go!

Motivation Monday!!

I want to kick off Motivation Monday by saying that there are different types of motivation. I think many of us seem to forget this in the day and age where “fitness motivation” is taking over. You can have motivation to do your homework, cook dinner, do your laundry, simply ANYTHING! The only thing that should matter though, is that you’re always motivated to the best version of yourself.

So, with that being said, on the first day of my wellness week, I challenge all of you to do at least one thing everyday that motivates you to be the best version of yourself. I don’t want to make this post about motivating you to work out, because some people may not be into that and let’s face it, that puts a lot of pressure on you! Hell, it puts a lot of pressure on me to work out!

So first things first, make your bed in the morning. If you make your bed every morning, you’ll be more motivated to accomplish more things throughout the day, because you’ve already accomplished one.

It’s a simple task, and it works!

Be motivated to be kind to someone.

Be motivated to learn from your mistakes.

Take time for yourself, even if it’s just for 10 minutes a day.

Celebrate every accomplishment in your life, no matter how big or how small.

And last but not least, listen to Kevin Hart!! The man knows what he’s talking about.

I hope this week you will all be a little more motivated to better yourselves and make time for yourselves.

Tomorrow is toxin-free tuesday! Follow and stay tuned for more this week.

Xoxo, Chy💕

New Years Resolutions…Take Two?

It’s that time of the year everyone…

It’s officially the 2nd month of the new year, which means everyone’s new years resolutions are slowly falling down the drain, am I right? When the new year came, you really felt like your resolutions were going to stick this year.

“This year, I’m actually going to stick to my resolutions”. Wrong. 

Everyone knows that the first month of the new year is a trial month and the closer the 2nd month gets, the less and less you think about all things you were going to try and do and be better at.

“I’m going to start working out, I’m going to eat healthy, I’m not going to spend money on stupid shit…” 

But resolutions don’t have to be that hard. They don’t have to feel like a huge burden weighing you down and looking over your shoulder at every moment of the day; especially when you’re stuffing your face at the world’s best burger place that happens to be right beside your gym (we’ve all done this at one point, don’t lie).

The thing is, you say you’re going to do all of these amazing things this year, but that doesn’t define who you really are and what you will accomplish.

This has become my all time favorite quote because of how much truth it holds in its words. Anyone can say they’ll work out more, eat better, and spend less, but it doesn’t mean anything if you don’t ever act on those words. As the cheesy saying goes…actions speak louder than words!

I can honestly say I am one of those people that makes resolutions and by the time February comes around, I have forgotten all about them. I make amazing plans and goals for the new year and I never act on them, but this year I decided I’m going to change that. I’m not going to think of my plans and goals as “resolutions” because that just puts a lot of pressure on them. I’m just going to take it day by day, and see where this year takes me. Life can only take you to amazing places if you don’t let anything stand in your way.


For awhile now I have wanted to create a better following on my blog and inspire people, but I never really had a direction of what I was going to inspire people with. (That makes it a little hard to grow a following). I recently came up with some ideas that I think will help inspire people to be better for themselves, so I’m gonna give it a go ’cause like the quote says, you are what you do, not what you say you’ll do!

Along with personal posts about my life and my daughter, I have decided that once a month, I will be posting a Wellness Week, all things health, love, and self-care…

  • Motivation Monday 
  • Toxin-Free Tuesday 
  • Weight control Wednesday
  • Therapeutic Thursday 
  • Fashion Friday 
  • Stress-free Saturday 
  • Support Sunday 

Not only will my Wellness Week help me stay on track with my goals, but I hope it will help others stay on track with theirs as well. Everything takes time, effort and support, so this is my way of doing so and supporting anyone who feels like they need some accountability!

If you’re interested in my monthly Wellness Week posts that will be coming soon, click the follow button to be the first to know what I have in store for you all! 

Xoxo, Chy💕

Happy New Year ~ 2017!

Top NINE of 2017!!

Happy New Years Eve Y’all!!

Wow. I can’t believe 2017 is already over and we’re welcoming another year of love and laughter. I can say by far that 2017 has been the most terrifying, exhilarating, crazy, most wonderful year yet. The bar has been set high.

I welcomed my very first daughter into the world in May.

My best friend graduated in May.

I graduated and stepped into adulthood in June.

I traveled to the Dominican in July.

I took a leap and moved provinces in August.

I turned 18 in October.

I went on an amazing trip to L.A with my father in October.

I celebrated my first Christmas with my own family this December.

And so much more.

I have found myself and who I’m meant to be this year. Not only a daughter, a sister, a friend and a lover, but now a mother.

Motherhood has tested me in more ways that one and it has been the most incredible experience I could have ever imagined.

2017 came with life, love, laughter, travels, friends, and family.

Thank you all to made this year so wonderful and have been apart of my amazing experiences, I love you all and I wish you nothing but happiness in 2018 ~ let’s make this next year kick ass!!

Love you all, xoxo, Chy💗

Giving Back

It’s finally December y’all!

You know what that means…twinkling lights, apple cider, joyful music, and most importantly, giving back!

Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year. It’s a time where the world comes together in harmony to celebrate life, family and love. However, with some being not as fortune as others, they may see Christmas as a burden rather than a holiday and a time to enjoy. Giving back in your community is not hard to do as there are always different events going on to try and help the less fortunate. Whether that’s feeding the homeless, going through your closet and donating some clothes, hosting contest giveaways if you’re a business, or donating food to the food bank, there’s always something you can do.

After moving to a new province, my eyes have been opened to new ways of helping others. My school has come up with a beautiful new way of helping others.

The giving back Christmas Tree!

Set up in ‘The Centre of Excellence’ is a beautiful Christmas tree that has paper ornaments. On these papers ornaments, those less fortune wrote what they would like for Christmas, or things for their kids, and so on. The system they set up is easy: take one of the ornaments, purchase the item, and take it to the library with the  ornament attached. The school takes care of the wrapping and making sure the present gets the correct person. Although most college students aren’t considered fortunate themselves, it doesn’t hurt to give back.

As Tony Robbins once said, “When you have nothing is when you need to give”. https://www.facebook.com/662239893973015/videos/664385043758500/

Many may not agree with this statement, but I promise you, giving back is the most powerful thing you can do. Letting go of yourself and helping others even when you feel like you’re in a time of need as well, is the right time to give. The universe knows when you have done something good for someone other than yourself, and will reward you for that.

You just have to believe.

So take the time this year to give back to those in need in your community, or in the world.

Don’t stress about this being wonderful holiday being a burden, and just enjoy it.

You all deserve it.

Xoxo, Chy💗

Just Be You

Society has risen our standards to be more than we can compete with at this point. Between what’s right and what’s wrong, there is no in between. You are either doing it right, or wrong. But who ever thought of what was right and what was wrong? Who formed our society into this high standard, complex, death-ridding place?

It’s a never ending trend that is eating away humanity from the outside in.

There is no right or wrong in this world. The way you are living your life? It’s perfect. It may not be perfect in the eyes of others, but it’s perfect in your own non-perfect way.

Who said you aren’t allowed to have a baby at 17 because it’s not right? Society.

Who said you have to go to college after high school because that’s what is right? Society.

Who said you can’t start your own business at the age of 18 because you’re too young and you don’t know anything, so you’ll fail? Society.

Who said you’re too skinny or too fat? Society.

Who said you can’t travel the world because you need to settle down a land a good job and start a family? Society.

Who says you shouldn’t be depressed because you don’t have any real problems? Society.

The list goes on.

We are so fixated on the things that society had made us into that we have forgotten who we truly are. We have forgotten how to love without media, how to go outside and play in the dirt, how to dance in the rain like no one is watching!

We fear we are being watched at all times so we can’t truly express ourselves and love who we want to be. Because of society. We are scared that society won’t approve. But honey, you don’t need anyone’s approval. Be the person you love and that is all the approval you need.

Society has turned us into these self-hating, worthless feeling, dreadful people in a world where nothing should be but beautiful.

So stop letting society define who you are and what you want to be. Make a change for yourself and for the better and start doing what YOU want, not what SOCIETY wants.

Just be you🌟

Xoxo, Chy💗

Tis’ The Season

It’s that time of the year again where the air gets colder, and flakes start to fall. Break out your winter jackets and beanies, because this winter is going to be a cold one. The temperature is falling and the days are getting shorter, but that doesn’t mean that all that’s coming forward is dreadful!

Christmas is on it’s way!❄️🎄

My favourite time of the year is right around the corner, and this Christmas will be the most memorable one yet…it’s Charlee’s first Christmas! With it being her first Christmas, I wanted things to be organized and perfect, so below I have listed a few tips that have helped me prepare for the holidays beforehand, so by the time Christmas rolls around, there’s no last minute shopping, or panic to get everything perfect.

•Pre-plan what presents you plan on buying for people

•Buy whatever you can online (it saves you time and money) •Wrap the presents as soon as you get them (this way you won’t be doing it the night before and you’ll have presents under the tree, which completes the holiday look!) •Budget well and have a price limit for each person (this way you save money and don’t go overboard. Also helps to keep everything equal!) •Do your research and find out when the stores are having sales (trust me, you’ll thank me later) These are just a few tips that have tremendously helped me, so I hope they help you as well!

Happy Pre-Holidays Lovelies💗🎄

Packing Efficiently

If you’ve ever been to Los Angeles, you know the struggle that follows trying to pack for that trip! In the land of fame and fortune, your five year old ratty Walmart sweats just aren’t going to cut it anymore. Even people in LA on their lazy days look fabulous! Must be the atmosphere, so we must follow along.

The countless times I have travelled still haven’t seemed to teach me how to pack on time – I always save it for the night before. However, this gives me time to really think about the outfits I want to take, and how they will suit the activities I have planned, and the general atmosphere of course.

I leave for LA Wednesday morning, so an outfit overlook must be done! Below I have listed some tips on how to pack efficiently, and how to know what to pack.

•Accomidate your suitcase size to how long you will be gone. No one wants to lug around a big ass suitcase if you’re only gone for 2 days. Think about it.

•Roll your clothes to save space. It may wrinkle them, but trust me, when you want to end up packing your whole closet, now you’ll be able to.

•If you’re packing any sort of running shoes, stuff that smaller stuff (undergarments) in the shoes & you’ll thank me later.

•Plan your trip activities ahead of time so you can already think about what you’ll be wearing – this saves you room by not packing everything because you don’t know what you want to wear.

•Put liquid toiletries in a plastic zip lock bag to save you the misery of having them explode in your suitcase.

•Pack as many outfits for the days you’ll be gone + 2 extra (you know, just in case), and pack half as many jammies and bras (if you are a girl). It saves you space because re-wearing clothes is a thing!

•Very important: Always pack a carry on with some extra clothes, toiletries, and shoes. You never know when your might suitcase gets lost in airport world.

I hope these tips helped, as I know they have helped me countless times! If you have anymore helpful tips, please feel free to comment & share💗

Xoxo, Chy <<<<<<