Wellness Week: Support Sunday!

Happy Sunday y’all!

As we come to the end of one week and begin a new one, we need to recoup and head into the new week with momentum, love & of course, support. Whether that support is from your spouse, partner, brother, sister, parents, friends, or even a stranger, it’s always good to have! Being supported by the ones you love and the ones who love you gives you that extra boost that you need in life to truly succeed and take each day in with a leap of faith.

I want to focus on emotional support. Emotional support is such an important aspect in our lives that is often overlooked either by ourselves, or others. The percentage of people I come across everyday that admit they don’t feel emotionally supported is heartbreaking…and that’s just the people that admit it, not even the ones who don’t. Seeing how many people (young people especially!) don’t feel like they have support in this world really inspired me to write this post because this is why I’m here.

I’m here to support each and every one of you. I’m here to support your dreams, you likes, your dislikes, just you as a person.

I may not know you personally but I don’t have to. I’m just here to write this and have you read it and realize that even though you may not have first hand emotional support in your life, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t people out there who aren’t willing to support you.

That’s all anyone ever needs, is to feel loved and supported. Even if it’s by a stranger, just reading the message can give you a sense of hope & security, so that’s what I’m here to give you. Hope & security & support.

Head into the new week with all the positivity and love your heart can hold!

Support others and others will support you.

You get what you give.

If you wish to be loved, love.

If you wish to be supported, support.

What goes around comes around, life is an endless circle.

I have enjoyed sharing my first Wellness Week with y’all so much and I hope y’all enjoyed it too! Every month Wellness Week will be back so please follow & stay tuned for everything that’s to come!

Until next time…

Xoxo, Chy💕

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