Wellness Week: Stress-Free Saturday!

Happy Saturday y’all!

We are officially at that point in the week where we just need to rejoice! It’s been a long week and after a crazy Friday night (whether it was spent out with friends or curled up in your bed watching Netflix), we need to have a day that is all about relaxing ~ a stress-free day. This may seem hard to do while juggling so much in your life, but taking the time out of your day even for 10 minutes is just as important as paying bills!

If you’re one of those people that can’t think of something to do that’s stress-free because “everything is stressful” in your life, then you’re in luck. There are countless activities that you aren’t time consuming and can lead you to have the perfect stress-free day!

  • Take a bath ~ Taking a bath allows for your worries to wash away and for you to focus on important things, such as spending some quality time with yourself
  • Take a walk ~ Immersing yourself in nature is one of the best ways to relieve stress! Just being in nature and closer to the earth helps you feel better emotionally and lowers your heart rate, blood pressure, and muscle tension -all things that contribute to stress.
  • Go to the gym ~ By working out and getting your heart rate going, you’re trigging your “feel good” neurotransmitters known as endorphins!
  • Read a book ~ Take your mind off all your worries and immerse yourself in a different world, even if it is only for a short time a day
  • Meditation ~ You can never go wrong with meditation. By simply breathing, you are breathing all your stress away and clearing your mind of all negative things.
  • Sleep ~ This one doesn’t even need an explanation! Sleep is the answer to all things stress and worry. You can never go wrong with sleep!

I hope you all take the time out of your day, everyday to do something stress-free for the sake of your own well-being and health! It is so important to make time for yourself and just forget your responsibilities every once in awhile, it’ll keep your mind & body young!

Tomorrow is support sunday & the last day of my first wellness week! Follow and stay tuned until then.

Xoxo, Chy💕

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