Holiday Presents For The Pregnant


As the holidays roll around the corner, being pregnant has not only changed the fact that I will NOT be drinking on Christmas, but it has also changed up my Christmas list. Normally, I wouldn’t change my Christmas list just because I’m pregnant, but as each week passes, the things I had on my list start to seem less appealing. The cute clothes I had listed will no longer work unless I up my size by 5 (which I do not want to do yet. I still like to believe I’m a petite little girl who’s belly will not blow up to the size of a balloon). Jewelery is scratched off because I’m a sucker for rings. And as any pregnant girl knows, your fingers get fat during pregnancy; therefore, making it very hard to wear cute rings. As sad as I was to cross these things off the list, I started to think of all the things that I could ask for — things that would make being pregnant a lot better.

So for any of you family or friends out there struggling on what to get that pregnant girl you know, here’s a list of a few ideas that may help you out!

  • Fuzzy socks/slippers: When we were children, getting socks for Christmas might as well have been equivenlent to getting coal. “Like, are you kidding me mom and dad? This is not the look-a-like American Girl doll I asked for.” However, when you’re pregnant, getting fuzzy socks and slippers is like a blessing sent down from heaven. Our feet get fatter, and they get sore from standing and walking faster than you can even say pregnancy. You can’t go wrong with this present people! Fuzzy Socks & Slippers
  • Oversized t-shirts/sweaters: Getting cute clothes for Christmas while being pregnant is not as thrilling as it may seem…we’re 100x bigger than we normally are, so after the baby is born, those cute clothes won’t be any use to us anymore. Although oversized t-shirts and sweaters (taking a more comfortable route rather than cute), is never a bad idea. When you’re pregnant, there’s no such thing as “too big” anymore, so shop away! Anything to keep us comfortable and cozy. Oversized t-shirts/sweaters
  • Nova Foam Pillows: Although it may not seem like it, us pregnant girls work hard everyday. We are growing a human inside of us, which takes the energy out of us a million times faster than other people. By the end of the day (or sometimes even by the middle of the day), we are so exhausted that all we want to do is fall into bed and have our heads hit the pillow. But no one likes a rock hard pillow. Having a Nova Foampillow allows your head is sink into it as you sleep, making it feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. That’s the kind of comfort and support we truly need at the end of the day fellows. Nova Foam Pillows
  • Giant Life Sized Teddy Bears: If you have the privilege of sleeping with your loved one every night and getting those lovely cuddles and back scratches that we all long to have, good for you. I don’t get that kind of luxury. When I crawl into bed, there’s no one there to scratch my back and cuddle me to sleep. I thought, “Just because I don’t have a man in my life doesn’t mean I don’t at least deserve some cuddles.” So I thought of the perfect solution. A giant life sized teddy bear. Yep, you heard right. It’s no human, but those things can still sure as hell cuddle you…and even better than a man can. Yes, men one up the teddy bears with the back scratches, but with the teddy bears, you can curl up into them and sleep peacfully all night. They don’t move, or snore, or complain their arm is hurting, and best of all, they don’t hog the covers. They are the next best thing to a human, and I guarantee this would be the most appriciated gift of all. Giant Life Sized Teddy Bears
  • Pregnancy Belly Button Rings: This may only apply to some, but if you have your belly button pierced and you’re pregnant, you know you’re gonna have to take it out sooner or later. And we all dread for that day to come. It hurt like hell to get this piercing and now we have to take it out so our belly’s can get fat?  That’s so unfair. I did not sign up for that. As mad as I first was to find out my precious belly ring would have to go, I was determinded to find a solution. And guess what? Pregnancy belly button rings exist!! These rings are flexible and stretch as your stomach grows, allowing your belly to blow up and still look bedazzled! Pregnancy Belly Button Rings
  • Cameras/Video Cameras: Pregnancy is a beautiful jounrey, and that journey never ends after the baby is born. Is it a life-changing experience, and what better way to remember all your new experiences than with pictures and videos? Cameras/Video Cameras are never the wrong gift in this case. We want to be able to capture our moments of growing a human inside of us, and also capture the milestones that will follow as our child grows. Pictures and videos to look back on always bring a smile to the face. Cameras/Video Cameras
  • Harmony Balls: Many of you may not know what these are. You probably read that and thought “What the hell is a harmony ball?” I did the same thing when I first found out about these. But then I did a little research, and found out how wonderful these are. Harmony Balls are little balls attached to a chain (so a necklace), but inside the ball contains a small chime. The necklace hangs down to your belly, so as you move throughout the day, the bell inside chimes, sending soothing sound signals to your baby’s ears in your belly. This way, you are able to complete your outfit with a cute necklace, and soothe your baby all day long. Harmony Balls

I hope some of these ideas helped with those of you struggling during your holiday shopping, because coming from a pregnant girl…they truly are great gift ideas!

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