One Night Stand

One night stands. Those three cringe worthy words are what most girls hate to be associated with. No one wants to admit that they were just a “one night stand”. We want to be loved, cared for and wanted…for more than one night. That is, in the case where we’re not sleeping with our ex. Sleeping with your ex is a whole different take on what a “one night stand” means. It usually has an end result of taking the walk of shame home the next day, pondering over the thought of why you would do such a thing, and vowing to yourself that it was a one time thing and it will never happen again. After all, he is your ex, and it was just a ONE time thing. After that night, you’ll never have to see that guy again! Phew!

But then something changes that…

The missed period. (Again, three cringe worthy words.)

I think all of us girls can agree that a missed period after sleeping with an ex is the worst thing that could ever happen to us, right? Wrong. Having your doctor tell you you’re pregnant is the worst. At first, we weren’t gonna freak out about this whole “missed period thing”, we were just going to hope and pray for the best. But apparently god isn’t into answering prayers lately, because as much as I shouted, that damn test still turned up positive.

So now I’m stuck in a rut. I slept with my ex, I took the walk of shame, I vowed to never do it again, and now I’m tied to this guy forever through a kid? You have got to be kidding me. Yes, I’m aware that sleeping with an ex is not the smartest move that I could’ve made, but now I’m being punished by being tied to his ass for the rest of my life? There’s a reason he’s my ex! Hello! Clearly god wasn’t thinking straight when he was writing my damn life story. But then again…neither was I when I slept with my ex, so I guess I can’t really blame him. Shit.

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