International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day to all my lovely fellow women out there!

Today is the day we celebrate each other.

We celebrate our achievements and nothing less.

We celebrate the good times with the bad and take those into stride.

We as women must come together to grow and make a difference in the world.

Our actions must not be taken lightly.

Everything we do, we do with purpose.

We do to better ourselves and better the world around us.

We join together as one to become stronger than we are alone.

Now, more than ever, we as women are motivated to make a change, make a difference not only as a single, but as a whole.

We will no longer be taken for weak, useless or to be used. Time’s Up.

Be taught and teach to love, and respect ourselves. Know no boundaries, and encourage other women to do the same.

Our time is now. This is our time to break through all our barriers holding us back from doing amazing things and letting our light shine.

Our time is now to love with every ounce of love we have in our body and soul.

Our time is now to support each other during the high times and the low.

Our time is now to motivate each other to be better than we were yesterday.

Our time is now to show the generations before us and the generations to come that love knows no boundaries.

Our time is now to show everyone who we truly are and the power we hold within us.

Celebrate every accomplishment, no matter how big or how small, whether it’s your life, or someone else’s.

Celebrate life, celebrate each other.

We are strong women.

May we be them, may we know them, may we raise them.

And never forget, if you wish to be loved, love.

Happy international women’s day.

I love you all.

Xoxo, Chy💕

Wellness Week: Support Sunday!

Happy Sunday y’all!

As we come to the end of one week and begin a new one, we need to recoup and head into the new week with momentum, love & of course, support. Whether that support is from your spouse, partner, brother, sister, parents, friends, or even a stranger, it’s always good to have! Being supported by the ones you love and the ones who love you gives you that extra boost that you need in life to truly succeed and take each day in with a leap of faith.

I want to focus on emotional support. Emotional support is such an important aspect in our lives that is often overlooked either by ourselves, or others. The percentage of people I come across everyday that admit they don’t feel emotionally supported is heartbreaking…and that’s just the people that admit it, not even the ones who don’t. Seeing how many people (young people especially!) don’t feel like they have support in this world really inspired me to write this post because this is why I’m here.

I’m here to support each and every one of you. I’m here to support your dreams, you likes, your dislikes, just you as a person.

I may not know you personally but I don’t have to. I’m just here to write this and have you read it and realize that even though you may not have first hand emotional support in your life, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t people out there who aren’t willing to support you.

That’s all anyone ever needs, is to feel loved and supported. Even if it’s by a stranger, just reading the message can give you a sense of hope & security, so that’s what I’m here to give you. Hope & security & support.

Head into the new week with all the positivity and love your heart can hold!

Support others and others will support you.

You get what you give.

If you wish to be loved, love.

If you wish to be supported, support.

What goes around comes around, life is an endless circle.

I have enjoyed sharing my first Wellness Week with y’all so much and I hope y’all enjoyed it too! Every month Wellness Week will be back so please follow & stay tuned for everything that’s to come!

Until next time…

Xoxo, Chy💕

Wellness Week: Stress-Free Saturday!

Happy Saturday y’all!

We are officially at that point in the week where we just need to rejoice! It’s been a long week and after a crazy Friday night (whether it was spent out with friends or curled up in your bed watching Netflix), we need to have a day that is all about relaxing ~ a stress-free day. This may seem hard to do while juggling so much in your life, but taking the time out of your day even for 10 minutes is just as important as paying bills!

If you’re one of those people that can’t think of something to do that’s stress-free because “everything is stressful” in your life, then you’re in luck. There are countless activities that you aren’t time consuming and can lead you to have the perfect stress-free day!

  • Take a bath ~ Taking a bath allows for your worries to wash away and for you to focus on important things, such as spending some quality time with yourself
  • Take a walk ~ Immersing yourself in nature is one of the best ways to relieve stress! Just being in nature and closer to the earth helps you feel better emotionally and lowers your heart rate, blood pressure, and muscle tension -all things that contribute to stress.
  • Go to the gym ~ By working out and getting your heart rate going, you’re trigging your “feel good” neurotransmitters known as endorphins!
  • Read a book ~ Take your mind off all your worries and immerse yourself in a different world, even if it is only for a short time a day
  • Meditation ~ You can never go wrong with meditation. By simply breathing, you are breathing all your stress away and clearing your mind of all negative things.
  • Sleep ~ This one doesn’t even need an explanation! Sleep is the answer to all things stress and worry. You can never go wrong with sleep!

I hope you all take the time out of your day, everyday to do something stress-free for the sake of your own well-being and health! It is so important to make time for yourself and just forget your responsibilities every once in awhile, it’ll keep your mind & body young!

Tomorrow is support sunday & the last day of my first wellness week! Follow and stay tuned until then.

Xoxo, Chy💕

Wellness Week: Fashion Friday!

Happy Friday y’all!

It’s finally the weekend which means the work skirts can be put away and the party dresses can be broken out! Friday is all about letting loose and forgetting any stress that  may have come your way during the week…and what better way to do that than to get dressed up with your girls and hit the town? Enjoy it!

So, for my first fashion friday post, I just wanted to cover the basics of what every girl should own; the staples. These are very important items because they really bring your whole style and sense of fashion together! So here we go…make sure to make note of these if you know you don’t have some of them and go out and treat yourself!

The Staples: 

  • A good, plain white tee ~ I can’t stress enough how vital it is to have a good white tee on hand. It’s perfect for any occasion because it coordinates with everything!!
  • Ballet flats ~ Flats are the perfect choice if you’re looking to dress up a casual outfit without going over the top, or dress down a fancy outfit in a very subtle way, but chic way. 
  • Nice black pants ~ Let’s just face it, black pants go with everything. They’re a must have. Enough said. 
  • Classic pumps ~ How could you live without?! Owning a classic pair of pumps, nude, black, or grey, gives you the freedom to dress comfortably but still look fashionable and neutralizes an outfit that might seem to fancy. They are the perfect in between for anything you might need. 
  • Dark denim over light denim ~ Everyone loves a good pair of denim jeans, but many seem to go for light over dark. This shouldn’t be the case. The variety of styles that you are able to create with dark denim outweigh the choices with light, so in the end you’ll get more wears by choosing dark over light. 
  • A classic little black dress ~ Whether you’re going to a wedding, a baby shower, a Christmas party, or to a family event, you can never go wrong with a little black dress (pair it together with your classic pumps and you’re all set!)
  • Stud earrings ~ There’s a time and a place for big hoop earrings or shimmering dangling jewels. In your everyday life, you should have a nice, neutral pair of stud earrings to wear and save the big & bold for special occasions. It helps create a clean, sophisticated look. 
  • Neutral colored hand bag ~ By having a neutral colored hand bag ready to go at all times, you’ll never need to second guess which purse to wear with which outfit. Designs and funky colors on hand bags are fun and all, but when it comes time to tie together an outfit for a night out, your best bet might just be to go with the neutral one!

Although there can essentially be many staples/must haves, these are some of the most important ones that will help start you off on your journey to finding your style! From here, you can pair each item with whatever else you may choose. This is your time to get creative; create your own style and have it reflect who you are as a person! As they say, fashion is the reflection of a girl’s personality!

Next fashion friday I will be talking about how to find the best place to buy cute clothes at an affordable price! I will also be talking about the do’s and don’ts of online shopping! Stay tuned. 

Tomorrow is stress-free saturday! Follow and stay tuned for more this week.

Xoxo, Chy💕

Wellness Week: Therapeutic Thursday!

Happy Thursday y’all! 

Therapeutic Thursday is upon us, which means we are focusing on all things mind, body and spirit! Meditation is the one thing that connects the mind, body and spirit in a way that is calming and rejuvenating and essentially changes your life for the better.

Why meditation? 

Meditation decreases brain cell volume in the amygdala (the amygdala is responsible for fear, stress and anxiety), so by decreasing these levels, you are also decreasing the levels of fear, stress and anxiety in your life. Meditation allows you to focus on your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and to just take time to be with yourself, pushing all your worries and responsibilities out the window.

For many of you, meditation seems like a hard thing to do…“how am I supposed to sit in a quiet room for an hour and just be with my thoughts and not go crazy?” It’s understandable. Sitting alone with your thoughts for an hour is a scary thing to think about because that means we would actually have to address certain things in our lives that are bothering us and think about what we can do to resolve those things. But it’s not scary. Meditation is not scary or hard to do. Meditation is a beautiful practice that has countless amounts of benefits. Just to name a few, it can…

  • Reduce stress
  • Improve concentration
  • Brings clarity to your life
  • Encourage a healthy lifestyle
  • Increase health, happiness, acceptance, and self-awareness

By opening your mind up to mediation, you are allowing yourself to fully connect with your mind and body in a way you never would have even thought was possible. Opening up your mind and exploring every thought gives you the ability to come to terms with every good and bad thought or event that has happened in your life. It changes your perception and feelings about certain areas in your life, allowing you to have closure with the bad times and welcome in the good times and everything that is to come in your life. It allows you to trust in yourself that everything happens for a reason and everything will work out for the best.

If you’re interested in learning about meditation and think that this is something you might want to take up but don’t know where to start, take the time to think about your life and what areas you feel need the most attention, and then do your research. There are different types of meditation, so after you come to terms with what you feel needs the most attention, choose the type of meditation that best suits that, and go from there! Below I have attached a website that can help get you started.

Different Types of Meditation

There are also multiple different apps that are available for download to help get you started on your journey. My personal favorite is Calm ~ Learn Meditation.

This app is perfect for beginners. Through guided meditations, sleep stories, breathing programs, and relaxing music, this app has everything you need to know on how to reduce stress and anxiety and better your life. So many amazing features are included in this app, and the time lengths for the guided meditations vary so you can choose the one that fits your schedule perfectly!

I hope many of you will be inspired to take up meditation and realize how amazing it can be and how it can improve your life! 

Tomorrow is fashion friday! Follow and stay tuned for more this week.

Xoxo, Chy💕

Wellness Week: Weight Loss Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday y’all!

We are officially half way through the week and one step closer to Friday! As much as I would love to celebrate that with a “Wine Wednesday”, this is Wellness Week so I’m resorting to celebrating that with a workout!

A huge part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is staying active. Now I’m not necessarily saying you have to go to the gym for 2 hours everyday and sweat until you feel like you got a bucket of water dumped on you, but doing some sort of activity that gets your heart rate going is all you need! Whether that’s going for a walk, riding your bike, playing a sport, or in fact, going to the gym, anything is better than sitting on a couch all night after sitting at a desk all day.

We all dream of losing weight and looking like the model on the cover of cosmopolitan. But that’s the thing, we dream about it. We never actually do anything about it. Some excuse always seems to worm its way into why we didn’t workout…“I got home from work late”, “I was up all night with the baby”, “I have a headache”, “I already ate a doughnut today so my day is shot, I’ll start tomorrow”…

But enough is enough!

No one ever got skinny by staring at pictures of models and making a wish at 11:11 to look like that. Weight loss requires effort, a lot of hard work, and accountability, whether that’s from yourself or another person. Which is another reason why I created my Wellness Week! I need accountability! Having constant motivation is hard, but it’s what will get you the results you want. That being said, I have found the most amazing workout program that has all the support you could ever ask for!

After becoming a mom and gaining extra baby weight, I started following many moms on instagram and became inspired by how they managed to get back into shape after having kids. I began to notice that most of these moms all used the same workout program!

Kayla Itsines BBG Sweat Program

I had heard of the Sweat app before and Kayla’s bbg program, but I never bothered to look into it because I thought it would just be another girl selling her home workouts. It is, but it’s also so much more!

Like all good things, you do have to pay for it, but the monthly fees are so small which makes it so much better!

Once you have joined, there are 4 different programs to choose from.

All these workouts can be done in the comfort of your own home, or in the gym. The workouts are only 28 minutes long, and the app comes with your very own personalized workout schedule for every week, meal plans according to your eating lifestyle, and a wonderful support group (this is where I get my accountability from) with every girl that has joined bbg!

The meal planning and scheduled workouts is what really sold me. I never knew what to eat or what workouts to do on what days to get the best results. With this app, I don’t have to worry about that because it does it for me! All I have to do is worry about actually doing it!

I have seen amazing weight loss results with this program from so many others that it has inspired me to join their journey and see results for myself.

So today marks day one!

I invite you all to join my journey of weight loss, or if you’re not trying to lose weight, then join my journey to be comfortable in your own body! Do whatever workouts or physical activity works for you and your lifestyle, just get physical!

During my next Wellness Week: Weight Loss Wednesday, I will be talking all about food! When it comes to losing weight, the rule is 80/20. 80% what you eat, 20% working out. There’s so much to discuss when it comes to food, so stay tuned for next time to learn so many tips & tricks that have helped me along the way!

Tomorrow is therapeutic thursday! Follow and stay tuned for more this week.

Xoxo, Chy💕

Wellness Week: Toxin-Free Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday y’all!

Welcome to day two of my Wellness Week: toxin-free tuesday!

This is perhaps going to be my favourite day of my Wellness Week due solely on that fact that it focuses on living a better, natural, safe and organic life. Toxins are all around us in every way, shape, and form. From the perfume you put on in the morning, to the cell phone that you talk on during lunch, to the food you eat at dinner, you are constantly surrounded by toxins.

As the dictionary states, a toxin is a poisonous substance produced within living cells or organisms. Toxins can cause multiple diseases within the body and it only gets worse the more you are exposed to them.

Now, completely eliminating toxins from your life would require quite the major lifestyle change and would in fact, be very hard in this day and age; nearly impossible.

However, don’t let that fact discourage you. There are still many things you can do to free your life from toxins!

  • Eat whole, organic foods
  • Drink green juice (go out & buy a juice from a local juicery ~ support a local business and give your body the nutrients it needs)
  • Drink filtered water
  • Spend less time around technology
  • Buy chemical free products!!

I’m going to elaborate on the last point here, because it is a major one! The majority of toxins come from our everyday use products.

  • Makeup
  • Face wash/masks/cleanser
  • Lotion
  • Perfume
  • Deodorant
  • Toothpaste
  • Shampoo/Conditioner
  • Cleaning products

And so much more. Thankfully though, many of the items on this list are an easy fix! Buying chemical-free products can be a challenge but it can immensely eliminate the toxins from your life.

For cleaning products, buying chemical free doesn’t have to be an issue because you can find them right in your kitchen! The main staples of natural, toxin-free cleaning products are baking soda and vinegar (which as I mentioned, can be found right in your kitchen!). Baking soda does everything from cleaning, to brightening, to getting rid of grease and odours, and it can be mixed with almost anything! Vinegar can be used to eliminate grease, but also makes a wonderful glass cleaner if mixed with filtered water. Now I know I may lose some of you here, because who wants their house to smell like vinegar when it could smell like windex or some fruity smelling product? No one. That’s who. Good news though! By simply adding a few drops of an essential oil of your choice, it’ll take that vinegar smell right out of the house! (Please be aware of any allergies you or your family may have to certain essential oil scents & please be cautious when using certain scents around animals!) Essential oils in a diffuser can also be a replacement for febreeze, airwick, or any other similar product.

Below I have attached a link to a website I have found very helpful when it comes to “DIY cleaning products”. Simple steps to create a healthier home environment!!

DIY Cleaning Products

During my next Wellness Week: Toxin-Free Tuesday, I will be going more in depth with how to find and/or create chemical free beauty + body + hair products, so stay tuned!

Tomorrow is weight loss wednesday! Follow and stay tuned for more this week.

Xoxo, Chy💕